2016/17 Memberships Now Open!

Both the CFC True Blue and Chelsea in America 2016/17 memberships are now open for renewal. Chelsea Chicago is part of US-Midwest Supporters Group, and it is imperative we reach 50 True Blue/CIA members by June 15 to ensure we reach ‘Platinum’ status with full access to UK match tickets.

• TRUE BLUE – various levels available from £20-£45 ($29-$65) … and be sure to identify with Midwest. This membership is needed for ALL Chelsea ticket purchases. Most adult members join the TB Ticket Only level at £25/$36).

Change for 16/17: CFC have reduced needed loyalty points for later in season, excluding Cup semi’s, to just 10 this year. A nice improvement. You get 5 automatically by joining before July 31st.

• CHELSEA IN AMERICA - $10 … your low cost CIA membership enables us to provide the support needed to do the summer tour events, assist with UK ticketing and provide services throughout the season. CIA membership is needed for summer tour tickets as well.

While joining/renewing your CIA membership, be sure to include your True Blue # by answering ‘yes’ to the True Blue question and then give us your 6 or 8 digit True Blue membership number found on your receipt or on your card! If you do not have a TB number, you will need an Affiliate number (more info below.)

If you add True Blue ‘after’ you join/renew with CIA, please email your True Blue member info to info@chelseainamerica.com so we can update your member info.

To receive UK ticket assistance through CIA, you must be a member of both True Blue & Chelsea in America and CIA must have your True Blue # on file.

Step 1: True Blue registration link: http://www.chelseafc.com/tickets-membership/membership.html

If not registering True Blue, register as an affiliate: https://mytickets.tickets.com/buy/MyTicketsServlet?agency=CHELSEA_SCLUB&organ_val=46809&trxstate=231

Step 2: Chelsea In America registration link: http://www.chelseainamerica.com/become-a-member

The above should be completed by June 15th. Chelsea and CIA will send you respective information and ID cards later this summer.

Please contact us with any questions. Common questions: Q: "There is 0% chance I will be in London next season. Why do I need a membership this season?"

A: If people only purchased membership for the season in which they thought they would go, we would lose our Platinum status - and as a result, never get it back. That means that the odds of you getting tickets goes from 99.9% to near 0%.To add, there are countless stories of people that because of work or external circumstances, end up there anyway and do not have membership - they definitely regret it.

Q: "But when I get there, can't I just buy tickets off Stubhub or Ticketmaster? A: Unfortunately no - that's known as ticket touting in the UK and it's actually illegal. The only way to purchase genuine tickets is through the club or one of it's few authorized resellers, which are expensive. Buying tickets from anywhere other than the club will run you several times more than face value, and are likely to be stolen or fradulent. That means your hard-planned, expensive trip to London can be undone by you getting to Stamford Bridge and denied access, or even removed - all because you didn't buy tickets through the appropriate channels.

Q: "I heard this thing about Loyalty Points needed for games. What are those and how does membership affect them?" A: Loyalty Points are a merit system at Chelsea designed to ensure ticket sales are sold to the supporters who will attend the most matches. Each match carries a different point total. The majority of patrons at Chelsea are Season Ticket holders. There are few other tickets available. The ones that are, particularly late in the season, will require an extraordinary number of points to buy. Those tickets will never reach general sale, which means without a membership, you have no chance.

Q: "So what does Chelsea in America membership do?" A: CIA membership allows us to help you access these special tickets at a reasonable Loyalty point amount for overseas fans, and support you through the buying process. CIA membership also provides guaranteed ticket access for any summer tours, entrance to special events like Star on a Stool (with former players,) and discounts on football related merchandise and channels.

Q: "What do I need to do?" A: Go sign up for True Blue membership first. Then go to Chelsea in America's website and sign up for that membership. Make sure on CIA's membership to enter your True Blue number and ensure you select Chicago as your chapter. You'll receive a CIA membership card and materials in the mail later this summer and be set to purchase tickets and participate in activities for the 2016/2017 season!