As an overseas supporter, purchasing tickets for a sporting event 4000 miles away can be overwhelming. This guide is meant to help answer common questions, dispel myths and rumors, and provide THE easiest process for how you can get tickets to nearly any Chelsea match home or away.

What is a membership and do I need one to buy tickets?

Yes, you need a membership to purchase any tickets from Chelsea (except for hospitality packages.) The two memberships are as follows:

Chelsea FC's Adult Ticket Membership is roughly $35 annually and is required for all ticket purchases, except hospitality packages. This allows you to purchase tickets from the club, and to use the Member's Ticket Exchange to purchase tickets at face value from other supporters who cannot attend specific matches. 

The second membership is via Chelsea in America. Chelsea members who are also registered with Chelsea in America are able to purchase through Chelsea in America at a lower Loyalty Point threshold. CIA will coordinate all aspects of the purchase for you.

What are loyalty points?

Loyalty Points (LP) are a merit/rewards system administered by Chelsea to prioritize ticket sales for members who attend the most matches. You can only earn points by purchasing tickets, or by signing up for Chelsea's membership before the summer deadline (end of July.)

The number of points needed to purchase a ticket increases as the season progresses. Ticket availability is limited, so therefore most matches requiring points to buy a ticket sell out quickly to members with the highest point totals, without ever becoming available to members who have low LP totals.

Chelsea in America membership lowers the Loyalty Point threshold, making it the easiest way for overseas supporters to purchase tickets for the 1-2 matches annually they may attend. For example, an April match may require UK members to have 75 points to purchase a ticket, whereas a CIA member will only need 10 points to purchase.

Can I use a third party like Stub Hub or Craig's List?

Third party ticket sales are illegal in the U.K. - there's no trusted online marketplace like StubHub North America that is legally allowed to resell Chelsea tickets except those affiliated with the club (listed on the club website.) These affiliated sellers mostly deal in hospitality packages.

Third parties like Craig's List, or a re-seller website NOT listed on the Chelsea website (i.e. Ticketbis, StubHub) should be avoided. These tickets are provided by offshore companies and have a good probability to be fraudulent, stolen and/or illegally duplicated. By purchasing from them, you risk never receiving your tickets, being scammed, or denied entry at Stamford Bridge, or removal from the ground altogether.

How do I purchase tickets for friends/family near me?

All Chelsea matches are sold on a 1 membership, 1 ticket policy. For every person requiring a ticket in your party, he/she will also need a Chelsea ticket membership. On Chelsea's website, in the online profile, you can link these memberships by adding friend/family ticket numbers to your account, which allows you to purchase multiple tickets as a group on their behalf, and ensure you are seated together.

Chelsea in America also operates on a 1 membership, 1 ticket policy. All members of your party need both Chelsea ticket and CIA membership and can be seated together easily by requesting so during the checkout process.

Are there membership/ticket deadlines?

Chelsea's ticket membership opens in May ahead of the new season and ends in January of that current season. It's imperative members sign up before end of July to receive the needed Loyalty Points that come with early registration. 

Chelsea in America membership operates on roughly the same schedule with membership remaining open until early December.

Chelsea FC membership ticket sales info is generally posted 30-45 days before a league fixture, with less lead time for cup ties due to broadcasting and scheduling demands that may add or change fixtures due to TV requirements.

Chelsea in America tickets generally go on sale 75-90 days before a fixture date. This schedule is pending availability as broadcasting/scheduling information may dictate shorter time frames.

When planning your trip, please keep in mind that matches are moved for TV requirements, fixture congestion and the addition of cup ties and replays. Each season, European, domestic cup and international dates can be found online in advance. Our matches are also subject to change depending on the cup schedules of our opponents. 

How do I select which match to attend?

We have priority access to a limited allocation of tickets that we share with all supporters' groups, and even smaller allocation for away matches.*

We know everyone wants to see a match like Manchester United away or Arsenal home, but the reality is that demand for these matches increases every year and we share ticket access with other worldwide groups that also want to attend. 

We recommend that if you
                                                       -have not traveled to the UK before 

                                                       -have not purchased tickets before

                                                       -are unaware or unfamiliar with how the TV changes work


refrain from purchasing tickets for one of these matches against a top 6 rival and instead opt for a match against a club in the bottom half. 

Very rarely have we been unable to fulfill ticket requests for members, but it has happened and we don't want you to go through planning a dream trip only to see the promise of tickets fall apart. For more information, see below.

*We do not have access to tickets for cup finals, European aways, or away grounds that have roughly 18K or less total capacity (i.e. Bournemouth & Brentford.)

Are CIA ticket requests 100% fulfilled?

As a Platinum level supporters club, American Heartland through Chelsea in America has its ticket requests fulfilled first above all other clubs below Platinum level. The vast majority of all ticket requests through us are fulfilled for members provided they have appropriate memberships and loyalty points.

A handful of matches every year do see higher demand than the available supply of tickets (i.e Manchester United at home, Fulham away.) In this event, Chelsea FC allocates us a percentage of tickets from our original request. Members who have had the longest continuous membership with both CIA and Chelsea will have their requests fulfilled first to reward their loyalty and support to the organization.

Our goal is to work with all members to prevent such instances of a ticket request going unfulfilled by recommending best times to travel for matches and utilizing our London connections in case of emergency.

I'm not a member and/or membership is closed? Can you buy/find me a ticket?

No. We must adhere to Chelsea's regulations and tickets are only available to members with the correct memberships and Loyalty Points totals.

Also, we will not source spare tickets from our friends in England for non-members. Tickets are a benefit of membership that comes with our organization.

How to Purchase

Through Chelsea FC Ticket Sales

1) Do you have a Chelsea ticket membership? If not, register here. Once registered, complete your profile.

2) Once you are registered, follow guidelines for ticket sales for each particular match on this page.

Through Chelsea FC Member's Ticket Exchange

1) Do you have a Chelsea ticket membership? If not, register here. Once registered, complete your profile.

2) Once you are registered, follow guidelines for ticket exchange on this page. You'll need to create a separate login.

Through Chelsea in America

1) Do you have a Chelsea ticket membership? If not, register here. Once registered, complete your profile.

2) Do you have a Chelsea in America membership? If not, register here. You'll need to enter your True Blue member in the registration.

3) Use your CIA membership credentials (mailed and emailed to you after registration) to access the ticket portal and complete the instructions. You'll be emailed confirmation and further details once you purchase. (Please note that it takes 5 business days minimum for us to process your registration and confirm your Membership status with Chelsea FC.)

Home tickets are electronic sent via email. Away tickets are physical tickets sent to your listed address. Tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE and those reselling tickets will receive permanent bans from purchasing from Chelsea and CIA.


Hospitality/Third Party (Non-Membership)

1) The hospitality partners and official third party resellers of Chelsea FC can be found on this page.

Once again, we urge you to not purchase from any third-party not listed on the club website as it is ticket touting/scalping is illegal in the UK and the authenticity of the tickets cannot be guaranteed.