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We are Chelsea Chicago, a chapter of the Official Chelsea Supporters Group American Heartland. Our parent, Chelsea in America, is the largest Chelsea supporters coalition in the United States.

We meet for all matches at The Graystone Tavern on the north side of Chicago, IL, just one block south of Wrigley Field. We also travel to see Chelsea play home/away in the UK, on summer tours in the USA, and across the country to visit fellow groups and meet other supporters during the season.

Our members hail from six continents, all nationalities, religions, orientations and creeds. We are united in our passion for football, Chelsea and enjoying the carefree attitude that is the foundation of our club's global supporter community. We love singing, drinking, more singing, more drinking and teaching new members about the great and storied history of this club. Football is best shared with friends, and anyone who wants to share in this experience is welcome.

We have a liberal open door policy, so we encourage you to bring your friends/family and join us at the pub!


Our badge, redesigned in 2016 by our own Walker Rice, encapsulates the best of Chelsea tradition and our roots here in Chicago. It's recognizable all over the world, hanging regularly in the Shed End at Stamford Bridge, our home bar Graystone Tavern here in Chicago, and countless away days to follow Chelsea across the UK and Europe.

THE LION: The old 1960/70's Chelsea lion famously associated with the King's Road Swingers like Peter Osgood. 

BACKGROUND SKYLINE: Shows part of the famous Chicago cityscape, including the most recognizable buildings, the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center. The sky blue is one of Chicago's official colors and represents the waterways here in the city (we're asked about the color constantly from out-of-towners.)

STARS: 6-pointed stars when on the City of Chicago flag each represent a historical moment in the city's history. For us, they represent the minimum number of beers each of us consumes per match.

HILAREM ENIM 2007: "Carefree since 2007." While we had supporters before that, Chelsea's tour in Chicago in the summer of 2006 and subsequent interest gave us a platform for the first of our members to start meeting together formally. The font is the Premier League font used on player shirts for the past several seasons (up until 2018/19.)

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