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Prelim Details for the May 19th FA Cup Final

We are very excited to host our first cup final at Graystone on May 19th for the FA Cup Final vs Manchester United. We have a wonderful (and optional drink package) and food in the works to suit all comers.

Last season we drew 350+ supporters and finals are always our biggest crowds of the season. For that reason, the May 19th final at Graystone will be a CLOSED event requiring PRE-REGISTRATION up until a certain maximum capacity.

Registration details will be announced shortly but will be offered on a priority basis first to 2017/18 CIA members, then non-member regulars and their families, and lastly to the general Chelsea public, space permitting. We will offer non-members a chance to register for 2018/19 membership when CFC opens registration shortly so they can preregister ahead of non-members.

Admittance standards for the bar will be enforced on a NAME & ID basis - no registration, no ID, no admittance. Rival supporters will not be allowed and any found will be removed promptly by management.

We will be working with Nisei and/or Dark Horse next store to accommodate the overflow of fans who can not get into Graystone that wish to watch the match near our group and share in the atmosphere of the day around our home bar.

Registration details will announced shortly on all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, website, email.)

Thanks and carefree!

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