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Thank You + Summer Plans

A few notes and thoughts on the season now that summer vacation is upon us!

First, a massive Thank You is in order to Graystone Tavern, who have been the best partners we could have ever wanted and have helped us grow our group and host some great moments this year. From Sam Stone and Kyle, to Chi, Alison Arneberg and Farooq and everyone who has come in early this season to screen every match - we appreciate your hospitality very much and cannot wait to do it all again next season!

Second, the season: we went out on a good note, winning our 8th FA Cup. The 5th place finish is disappointing, but we will have European football next season in a competition in which we historically have done well. And depending on results next weekend in Kiev, we very likely will be one of only two Premier League teams to have actually won something this year. Teams play football to WIN cups - not qualify for them.

Third, we will have a Membership Night next month to promote Chelsea in America registrations, raffle off some items, and re-connect over drinks at a time that isn't so early in the morning! Membership remains important to growing our group but also is the best and only good way to get Chelsea tickets, whether in London, Europe or on summer tours. You can register at and ask me any questions.

Fourth, some important announcements and news are coming, some of which I can disclose today. At the request of many, we will also be screening more old/legacy matches at the bar. We will also be promoting Chelsea Ladies more and screening more of their matches moving forward. In addition, new pin badges will be available in the online store starting tomorrow and our de facto 2018 "slogan" campaign (2017: SAFTBlues) will launch later this summer.

Last, we bid best hopes and a fond farewell to several members: to Alex Kersnick and Pamela DeFranco who are leaving us next month to start their family in Rochester, NY; also, Rosanna Strelnick is taking her extremely successful business to New Jersey. All three are wonderful people, valued friends, and we can't wait until we reunite for another match in the future!

If we don't see you this summer, see you on the 5th of August for the 96th FA Community Shield from Wembley Stadium, where Manchester City will meet the Famous Chelsea!

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