Pulisic Signs...Now What?

By now, 99% of you have heard that the talented American International, Christian Pulisic, has signed for Chelsea and will be joining the club this summer from Borussia Dortmund. While he is not our first American player, he is the most high profile and comes with massive expectations and excitement before he kicks a single ball in the Premier League.

The newsworthy attention around this deal is in full-force and as a result, we expect an influx of new supporters around the States and particularly here in Chicago. And with that we would like to call attention to a couple of items before Pulisic is officially unveiled this summer. Chelsea is now most certainly a global club. We sign the most talented players from the world over and our members here in Chicago hail from 6 continents. Various reasons brought them to support Chelsea, perhaps even following a specific player from their homeland; but there's one specific reason, above all, why they stay and support Chelsea no matter the circumstances. They love Chelsea. First and foremost, Chelsea FC comes first.

We don't care why you join us. We don't discriminate against origin stories (and there's some bizarre ones over the years.) But if you are joining us, we expect that you will stay to support the club above all. Chelsea FC comes first; it's not Pulisic FC, it's not Hazard FC - it's Chelsea FC.

There are going to be situations where the good of the club is at odds with the good of the player. In the end, true Chelsea supporters will always back the club because no man is greater or more important than the club.

Our hope is you will find never-ending joy in Chelsea as we have; our expectation is that you will support the club through thick and thin and learn about our amazing history and culture; our promise is that we will do everything in our power to make sure you have a great time doing it, whether that be at Graystone or in the stands at Stamford Bridge.

Welcome to the new faces we will see in the coming months.