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Chelsea v Borussia Dortmund - Wednesday, August 2nd, Soldier Field
Q: How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster. We were not given a block of tickets for pre-sales by the promoter, and thus will not have an official Chelsea Chicago section. Many of our members have purchased in sections 119/219 & 120/220.


Q: Where is the team staying while visiting?

We do not disclose information on Club travel plans.

Q: What events are taking place?

In partnership with Chelsea in America & Graystone Tavern, we will be hosting events both the night-before and day-of-match for all Chelsea supporters. The venue is TBA.


Expect that events will require some type of verification for entry.


Further details on the location, time and details will be released.

Q: Are opposition supporters allowed at any of these events?

No. Any will be denied entry or asked to leave the premises. Our events are solely for Chelsea supporters and our limited space is reserved for them.

Q: Is there transportation available from the venue to Soldier Field?

Yes, our plan is to run a limited number of coach buses providing transport to and from Soldier Field. We will announce ticket details closer to the match date.

Q: What events do you have planned with Chelsea?

We will announce any events in partnership with the Club when finalized.

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