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"Frankie Lampard, He's Won More Than You..."

That song was sung from the Chelsea faithful who tavelled away to St. Mary's for our tremendous come-from-behind 2-1 win on Saturday. Goals from Fabregas and Ivanovic saw us move onto 36 points and with Norwich away on Tuesday, within striking distance of the top 8 for the first time this season. Cheers to Keith from the Waco Blues for visiting this weekend and donating us their flag, as we hope to one day return the favor with a trip down south. In addition, pleasure to have @CFCScience in from Europe and looking forward to future visits for pints and Chelsea. In 1 week, we'll be away at Chicago Fire to cheer on Frank Lampard, as NYCFC is in town for their only visit this season. Looking forward to singing on one of our greatest ever players and record goal scorer with that tune above. Althought our ticket allotment is sold out, limited tickets can be had by calling Chicago Fire directly, and we'll be meeting in the parking lot pre-match for some drinks if you'd like to join.

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