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A Day Out, A Cup Gone

On Sunday, a large contingent of us us went out to Chicago Fire to see NYCFC and Frank Lampard. Unfortunately, we found out Frank couldn't make the trip a few days before, but we had a great day out with plenty of goals from both sides, a lively Chelsea tailgate and bus trip, and some pictures to send to Frank to let him know we were there. Highlights include the Bouncy, mango ciders, Scored 200 Against the Pikeys, beers and stickers, and the usual highlights of any of our Away Days. With Drogba and Ashley Cole on their way to Chicago later this season, no doubt we'll be headed back to see some of our greatest players perhaps one last time in the flesh. Wednesday was a tough day as we saw an end to our Champions League hopes with a 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge. A Diego Costa equalizer halfway through the first half gave us hope, but despite some very good chances we couldn't nick the second goal and went out in the Round of 16. A Top 4 finish looks too far gone at this point, so our best chance at European football next season will be the Europa league, which we won in our last appearance in 2013. The best route to the Europa League is to win the FA Cup, and that's up next, Saturday 11:30a Central away to Everton. 6-8K Chelsea will be headed to Goodison as a win will see us back at Wemlbey, our second home, for yet another season. We hope you can make it out to Hudson's, and if so, arrive early as we are sharing space with Everton. Onwards and Upwards...

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