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Membership Closes in 1 Month!

We are well into the 2016/2017 season now, as a switch to 3-4-3 has allowed us to rattle of 5 straight wins and move to 2nd in the table, 1 point behind first place Liverpool. The squad looks primed to compete for at least a Champions League place this season, and quite possible the title, which means any supporters looking to attend Stamford Bridge this season should be aware of the obstacles in membership.

Both Chelsea's True Blue membership and Chelsea in America's membership close in early December. True Blue is necessary for all ticket purchases from Chelsea FC (barring hospitality) and Chelsea in America's membership paired with True Blue is the easiest way for you to get tickets, as well as support our national organization in supporting ticket purchases for members, organizing summer tours and events and keeping up-to-date communication with members. We are more than happy to answer questions about tickets, visiting London, attending matches, etc. but caution that every single season, multiple people come to us looking for tickets only a few weeks before a match - and we are unable to help them because they do not have memberships. It's extremely hard to get Chelsea tickets w/o membership, and particularly without Chelsea in America membership attached, because of the large demand and rewards process Chelsea uses to sell single match tickets to members.

Don't be the person who, on the 1% off chance, gets a work trip to London and needs tickets in April at the last moment - only to find out no membership equals no ticket. Sign up below for both and spare yourself the misery and heartache we've seen all too many times before!

Chelsea in America True Blue membership:

Chelsea in America membership - select Chicago Blues and enter True Blue number:

As always, contact us with any questions!

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