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Sp*rs on Saturday

We have Sp*rs this Saturday at 11:30am and given it's a derby and the holiday weekend plans of many revolve around the match, here's a few things to help you if you plan on coming out.

-As always, we'll be in the back room starting a few hours before kickoff and up through the end of the match. Although a holiday weekend, the pub is popular with those looking to spend the weekend on the town and if you want your own table, you should arrive early.

-If you wish to participate in the usual song and festivities, has all you need to know on that subject. Sing loud, be proud - we're not known for being silent, after all. -You may have noticed some Sp*rs supporters in recent years attending the pub for a variety of matches. These are refugees from their supporters' group further up north. Most are harmless, but they do like to complain about how terrible they are. If you should have any problems with them, let us know immediately.

-There are a few surprises for members that will be in the back room. Help yourself to what's ours on the tables and feel free to take photos with the one you can't take with you.

We're looking forward to seeing you all post-Thanksgiving to continue the bender, watch football and and destroy Sp*rs again. #55Years55More

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