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A Critical Few Weeks

When Stoke held Manchester City to a draw at the Etihad on Tuesday night, it confirmed our 10 point lead atop of the table. Clubs with 66 points at this stage of the season have never failed to win the title - so while we wait to count our chickens before they hatch, it's fair to say we are possibly entering the last critical phase of our season, starting this week with Manchester United at home in the Fa Cup quarterfinal. The league will present a tricky visit to Stoke, ahead of home ties vs Palace and Man City, followed by an away day to Bournemouth. Victory in 3 of those matches will put us in sight of the finish before the first half of April is out and hopefully an FA Semi awaits against what looks to be a major rival. We are making great plans to celebrate this season, whatever the results may be. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for details. We encourage you to frequent the pub this spring and enjoy the results with us; but as before, please keep in mind increased traffic will mean tables are hard to secure if you show up just before kickoff. Also symbolic is that today is the 112th anniversary of Chelsea Football Club's founding, with the first meeting taking place at the Rising Sun (now the Butcher's Hook) opposite the ground from the entrance to the Shed End. In 112 years, this club has seen some massive ups, some terrible downs, and it's fair to say that in the last 15 years, has experienced the most glorious period in its history. Enjoy it - because tomorrow is never assured.

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