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FA Cup Final Details + End of Season Party

As we approach the end of the season, let's not forget we have a cracking FA Cup Final against Arsenal on tap, with kickoff at 11:30am on Saturday May 27th! Chelsea are seeking the 8th FA Cup in club history, the most recent being a 2-1 victory over Liverpool in 2012. It's also our end of season party, celebrating what hopefully is another Double and more solemnly, John Terry's last appearance in a Chelsea shirt. We're throwing a fantastic party all day and here are the details: -We'll be holding a raffle for all in attendance, with prizes including a signed Chelsea shirt by the 16/17 squad, two regular 16/17 Chelsea shirts (home and away,) Chelsea Chicago scarves, flags and stickers, and CFCUK books. Raffle tickets will be available for $5 each, limit one per person. -Hudson's has generously set up a drink package for us from 10:30a-2:30p. For $45, it's unlimited Carlsberg, Green Line, Stella, Uncle John's ciders, and bottles of Miller/Bud heavy and light, plus a breakfast sandwich included! (This deal is optional, and it's normal menu/drinks for before/after this timeframe.) -Our resident DJs, Brandi & Justin Olund, are crafting special music selections from their favorites and old Chelsea classics for us to listen to pre/post-match. We'll be at the pub from 8am, and given we anticipate a massive turnout, the backroom will fill quickly before 11:30am kickoff. If you want to be amid all the action, arrive early, wear your colors and sing loud!

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