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2018/19 Membership + End of Season Plans

Hello all! While it's been a challenging season, the show must go on and we have big news ahead for both our End of Season party and 2018/19 membership. First, we anticipate Chelsea to open 2018/19 membership by May 1st and Chelsea in America will follow suit, ensuring that you can register for both at the same time and confirm our status as a Platinum club again next season. Platinum status, only offered to 32 clubs worldwide, gives us priority access to tickets for ALL matches up through cup semifinals! We will post registration links when it opens and are happy to answer any questions.

As part of the registration process, you'll notice that starting with the 2018/19 season, we have re-branded US-Midwest with a new name: American Heartland. The new name will better encapsulate our personality for all of our region's chapters and a new logo and banner to hang at Stamford Bridge is on the way! Second, we have a fantastic end of season party planned regardless of whether or not we make the FA Cup semifinal. It's a double dose of Chelsea action as we first watch the Chelsea Ladies face Arsenal in the Women's FA Cup Final on Saturday, May 5th, 11:30am kickoff! Then on Sunday, May 6th, the men's side hosts Liverpool in the final home match of the season. We'll be having our amazing pig roast party at Graystone Tavern complete with raffles, prizes and a membership drive. Make sure to join us and celebrate what has been a lively-if-somewhat-underwhelming season of results before we break for the summer. Carefree everyone!

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